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Starting this week, firms in Iceland are required to show that they pay male and female workers pretty — without gender discrimination. Ryan Dennis, a freelance author from New York State, visited the farm of Icelandic dairy farmer Birna Þorsteinsdóttir while exploring the island’s origins of its celebrated gender equality.

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For us, it meant that we weren’t pressured to choose between having a household or having a career; a choice that women in lots of countries are faced with, limiting women’s participation in the labour market and their access to choice making. Today, Aðalheiður Bjarnfreðsdóttir’s predictions ring true, as the Women’s Day Off (or Women’s Strike) has turn out to be a distinguished feature of Iceland’s image as a entrance-runner in gender equality. This picture is commonly promoted in overseas media, which normally holds up Iceland as a positive counterexample to realities in other nations. For example, during a conference on gender violence in Reykjavík last September, Angela Davis evoked the memory of the Women’s Strike in contrast to “the grave political predicament” of her personal homeland within the United States. It was Aðalheiður who captured the hearts and minds of the viewers, speaking without notes about the disrespect women faced of their work.

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In 2012, there were plans to gradually increase the go away to be five months for every father or mother, plus two months of transferable depart, by 2016. The walkout disrupted the telephone service, and halted the printing of newspapers, as the typesetters have been all women.

When I asked Rakel about the way forward for women’s historical past in Iceland, her first thought was not the way forward for an educational field; she instead shared her thoughts on the state of equality and activism right now. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, a member of the left-leaning Left-Green Movement, grew to become Iceland’s second feminine prime minister. One of her actions as prime minister was to organise a new legislation which requires Icelandic firms to demonstrate that they pay men and women equally. She turned a member of the Althing aged 31, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture at 33, and the leader of the Left-Green Movement at 37. After the law was introduced in, greater than ninety% of fathers used their paternal leave. Research discovered that this put women and men on a more equal footing within the office, but did not appear to affect the pay gap.

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However, the scene wasn’t all the time as friendly to feminine musicians as it is at present. “When I was moving into adolescence, there were too few women in stay reveals, and the genres have been all guys in leather jackets,” says Mjöll. These days, after-college applications and organisations like Girls Rock! Dream Wife is only one band formed from the growing variety of women standing as robust examples for those even younger musicians, their songs finding a seam between structural specifics and universal depth that enable for connection. “I’m very excited to see how this will affect the next era of Icelandic musicians, changing this into a norm that no person questions,” says Mjöll.

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By learning from one another and sharing experiences, I believe that we’ll move closer in direction of our goal. To today, the Gender Gap Index does not measure violence against women and neither does any other similar index. Police stories solely inform half the story and official and societal definitions of what counts as violence may differ between cultures. Yet, some kind of comparability on rates of violence in opposition to women would, doubtless, put additional pressure on governments to step up their recreation to get rid of those persistent human rights violations. Yet, regardless of Iceland’s progress, structural inequalities are nonetheless persistent within the nation.

This film series takes these statistics as motivating fact, choosing to spotlight works by a few of Iceland’s best women directors. Throughout the Iceland women’s adventure we eat delicious native meals like recent lamb, cod, and trout. In 1980, regardless of being a divorced single mom , Finnbogadóttir was drafted as a candidate for the presidency of Iceland; she was narrowly elected, with 33.6 p.c of the nationwide vote, over three male opponents. She was subsequently reelected thrice earlier than retiring in 1996. Although the Icelandic presidency is basically a ceremonial place, she took an active position in selling the country as a cultural ambassador and enjoyed nice reputation. There is still work to be done and we must not relent within the struggle for women’s equality, despite the fact that we reach important milestones. The Gender Gap Index, the 2018 version of which is launching subsequent month, should serve as an encouragement for all of us to do higher.

Daycares had been mostly closed, because the daycare workers had been women, so men had to take their children to work. Easy-to-cook meals ran out in many shops, as did sweets and gadgets to distract kids. The strike continued until midnight, when women returned to work. The typesetters returned to set newspapers which have iceland women been nearly completely devoted to the women’s strike. The frontwoman carries echoes of Kathleen Hanna and Debbie Harry, rising into sudden, pure near-shouts after which slinking dreamily back right into a cheeky whisper. The band’s compositions rumble and howl with neon punk energy, nodding toward Sleater-Kinney, Spice Girls, and Kim Gordon as influences.

The solidarity that the Icelandic women’s movement constructed within the Nineteen Seventies and the Eighties laid the muse for welfare policies which have liberated women in the country in many ways. My technology was born into an environment of girls’s liberation. As youngsters we had been surrounded by role models, where women took up more room in society than that they had ever accomplished earlier than. Women had been marching on the street and the primary female president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, was elected.

Since 2009, Iceland has ranked at the top of the Global Gender Gap Report, which ranks international locations according to their gender equality. What many people outside of Iceland don’t know is that this equality has its roots in agriculture, and can still be discovered there at present. Icelandic dairy farming has traditionally been seen as “a girl’s enterprise,” and it’s the spouse who typically runs the farm. The writer would like to thank Baldur Helgi Benjamínsson from Landssamband kúabænda, Áslaug Helgadóttir from Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands, Jón Þór Jósepsson from KS, and the United States Fulbright Foundation for help with this article.

Most just lately the #metoo motion uncovered systematic harassment, violence and on a regular basis sexism that ladies at all levels of Icelandic society are subjected to. Moreover, the movement revealed the multiple discriminations suffered by migrant women in a country that has all through historical past been comparatively ethnically homogenous. Many feminine politicians in Iceland would never have got where we’re right now if it wasn’t for childcare and parental leave. And in this sense, governments and parliaments can lead the way by adopting policies which have been shown to bridge the gender gap, somewhat than widen it.

Iceland’s new law applies to corporations with 25 employees or extra. Every three years, the companies might want to confirm that they’re paying men and women equally for jobs of equal worth. The policy change comes after years of debate and pilot testing, based mostly on frustration with the fact that a number of gender-fairness legal guidelines weren’t budging the actual pay gap.

Elsewhere in the movie, Anne-Flore and Aline meet the first Icelandic girl to climb Everest and go splitboarding with one of the nation’s first female surfers and snowboarders, Heida Birgisdóttir. Heida founded Nikita, a massively profitable women-only action sports activities brand in a sea of male-dominated clothing firms. In 2018 a report issued by Statistics Iceland make clear the marked gender gap in Icelandic movie manufacturing. Of the almost 200 movies printed domestically from 1949—when the primary Icelandic full-size characteristic premiered—to 2017, almost all have been directed by men. Only one out of each ten movies produced in Iceland was directed by a girl and since 2010 only 6% of films have been helmed by women directors. Further, from 1980 to 2012, 87% of the Icelandic Film Centre’s funding went to men, with only 15% of films supported featuring women in main roles .